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Welcome to M.I skills

M.I skills was founded by music industry professionals with the aim to teach & provide skills for specific sectors within the industry such as music artist management, music A&R (artist & repertoire), publishing, marketing, promotion, music business fundamentals, independent artists & more


With the help from professional content writers along with our knowledge and experience of the music industry, we designed online courses which enables us to teach & share our knowledge in an engaging, interactive and exciting way at your own pace.

Our mission is to not only teach skills & information but to also guide & help you gain the confidence to be work ready in the music industry.

The passion we have for music fuels us for wanting to teach & guide students to success. 

M.I skills is a hub for learning & connecting. We believe networking with people that have similar goals & ambitions is key. Our community will enable users to network with others.


Take the first steps to success and learn industry skills via our online courses

Our online courses are designed to be engaging with clear objectives enabling you to acquire all the skills and information needed for your chosen sector within the music industry.
Upon purchasing your chosen course, users will be asked to create an account. You will then have the option to create a profile & connect with other users in our community. Our unique community will give you the ability to:
  • Start forums & groups on specific topics
  • Send & receive private messages
  • Share what’s on your mind by uploading a public status
  • Upload and set your profile picture
  • Build up your connections

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